You won’t find any gems of wisdom at most affiliate forums or blogs, let alone source-code. There’s a reason for that. The quite affiliate is the rich affiliate. You’ll never know who the real ‘super-affiliates’ are because the last thing they want is you to take part of their game.

So why would this site be any different you might ask? Simple, because I don’t give a shit. Yes i’ll be up-front and tell you this site will not be a plethora of what my current media buys or ppv strategies are…though I have no problem telling you what offers, what demographic or even where and how you should be researching them if you hope to make any money. You’re not my competition…and if you were, then you’d already know everything I’ll share with you.

So hey, here’s your chance if you’ve got a question about SEM, SEO, advertising, affiliate marketing, etc.. Just shoot me a message or even just comment on a post and I’ll do my best to give you an answer that will actually help you rather than just send you off on another wild goose chase (or worse tell you that you can only make money buy purchasing something I’ve got a link for). The truth is, there are a lot of great SEM + research software out there on the market…but you can achieve the same results using scripts or even free services/tools and not have to pay a single dime! Yes I do use a few custom scripts still when researching/planning, but I also use a few programs that I’ve purchased…. the reason is simple. It saves me a whole lot of time compared to doing it by hand. So consider that my disclosure for any software you might see advertised in the sidebar. It’s just something I use to save time. And in this game, time = money.