RSS Backlink Domination – Resource List

RSS FEED Backlinks The Easy Way

Ok so it’s a fairly old trick but still manages to work in various ways as far as increasing traffic or even just getting new links indexed faster, you’ve probably heard of it before so just skip reading the rest of this post, but if you haven’t here’s a tip – take all those links you have and merge them into a single rss feed. Then submit that one feed to the big rss aggregators out there, heck, even just pinging them sometimes does the trick…but it’s a quick ‘n’ dirty way of getting spiders going through a large list of links (all from diff sources) at once.

Here are a few RSS resources to help you get backlinks: – This one is an old service on a new domain…run by one of the senuke folks, it’s been around for a long time + old feeds of mine still get pinged from time to time… kinda nice. Anyhow, compared to the other sites that do similar mashups, this one let’s you spin the descriptions and titles for each of your links (which is a lot better than having a feed full of 20 links given the same title/description, trust me).

IceRocket’s RSS Builder – you have to register (it’s free) an account to use this service but it is a quick way to get your feeds syndicated after you’ve tossed ’em together. It can make new rss feeds out of previous ones as well as individual links.

RSS Mix – This one only mashes together existing rss feeds but it’s a great way to recirculate old feeds in a new way. They also have a couple RSS parsers listed if you just want to code your own mashup.

FeedKiller – It’s pretty much the same thing as RSS Mix, just a little more new + slightly faster as far as it not timing out every couple of hours.

BlastCasta – This is a cool tool that let’s you mix, mash, convert, and even translate up to 5 feeds into one brand new unique source….very useful in keeping links and content unique when submitting to bulk directories.

RSS Mix by – It’s just like rss mix, only it allows u to input up to 100 urls into a single feed.

Now that you’ve got your new rss feed, here’s a list of some places to submit them to get some backlinks (borrowed from

30 Free Tools For Analyzing Backlinks


Backlinks are an important part of any website’s SEO. How you can gauge where your competition is getting their links from as well as how you might be able to get them too is a critical part of the seo process. Here’s a list of 30 free backlink tools that will analyze a given website or domain and tell you who’s linking to them. Some of these tools take it a step further and will tell you the domain PR, the PR of the specific linking page, anchor tags and more!

Each of these is different so i’d suggest you try a few until you find one that works best for your own needs. Personally I don’t know what I would do without the Link Checker hosted by Australia-based SEOPro, but to each their own.

30 FREE Link Building Tools:


330 Social Bookmarking Sites To Get Backlinks

Here’s a giant list of updated social bookmarking sites that you can post your links on to get backlinks and improve your SERP. They’re listed in order by pagerank as of June ’09. 9 9 9 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

A Complete List of XML-RPC PING Services

XML-RPC Ping Services

Alerting search engines that you’ve updated your website and would like to have their spiders re-crawl the domain can be accomplished by ‘pinging’ them with your URL. This feature is built-in to most popular blog and CMS platforms (like WordPress) and will automatically ping various networks anytime that you save or publish something new. Sometimes though it can be beneficial to ‘help’ this process along, especially if you’re creating a site from scratch and don’t have any sort of auto-ping functionality built-in.
Two websites that will ping a long list of services for you are Pingoat and Pingler. These are both great resources for any website developer.

I’m a big fan of Pingler in particular because it lets you modify the list of services that it will contact when you use it.

Now there are many blackhat, whitehat and well “greyhat” uses for pinging these services to let them know of a site update, all of which are hot-topics for debate (which I won’t get into just yet). Just a word of caution though – You can easily get de-indexed if you ping Google too often, as well as from a variety of other search engines…so with that said, you’ve been warned. Don’t abuse this service!

For those of you looking for a full list of URL’s that allow you to notify them of updates, i’ve provided such a list below. It also includes all the international URL’s for Google’s Blogsearch. Keep in mind a lot of these actually will ping multiple resources so if you use them all, you’ll be hitting a large number of duplicate services….just a heads up. Enjoy.

XML-RPC Ping Services