List of Alternatives to Google AdSense

Google AdSense Alternatives

What can you do when you’re banned from Google AdSense? Find a new network! Here’s a list of current advertising networks that you can use to place CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads on your website or blog. I list Google as the first one but by using a combination of the advertising networks below, you should be able to find a profitable alternative to AdSense. Next I’ll publish a comprehensive list of Affiliate Networks, Shopping/E-Commerce Affiliate Programs and then one with all the remaining online services (including Pay-Per-Post networks) that offer unique ways to help you make money from your blog.

CPA/CPM Publisher Programs (AdSense Alternatives)

Send SMS Messages For Free Via Email

Send any phone SMS messages by Email

Here’s a pretty massive list of email gateways that will let you send SMS messages to cell-phones through email. All you need to do is replace the ‘phonenumber’ or ’10digitphonenumber’ with the recipients cell # and send away! Works great with any number of promotions although you should always keep in mind that some cell phone customers have to pay an additional charge for every SMS message that they receive, so sending an un-announced message, especially if considered ‘SPAM,’ could result in an unpleasant outcome. Here’s the list, feel free to contact me if I’ve left a carrier out, as I’m sure that there are a few missing:

Dynamically Generate Users Location On Landing Pages

What? An offer only available if I live in:

Hey, that’s me…sign me up!

Making a user think they’re looking at a local company or offer is an old trick that typically meant you’d have to download and install a location database and then call it using php/perl. Well, not anymore. Part of Google’s AJAX API is a geolocating service. It loads fast + barely takes up any space….great for testimonials or redirected users to specific pages based on their location. It’s a well established marketing theory that consumers will always feel more secure (i.e. more likely to open their wallets up) with someone they can relate to. What’s an instant way to relate to all your customers regardless of how big of an affiliate scum-bag you are? By making them think you’re both from the same city.

It might be a few miles off for some locations and give you the city next door, but over-all it’s pretty spot on and a great little tool that’s only a few lines of code. Best of all, you don’t need any type of Google developer key as it’s not tied to any specific website (i.e. you don’t need to register the site for it to work). Enjoy

Here you go:

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